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A Message to customers

HYUNDAE PRECISION MFG CO., LTD. has served the Korean industry since early 70s and has been a HOIST RING manufacturer since the early 90s. We have built a reputation by working tirelessly in making and supplying standard safety engineered hoist rings worldwide with top world class quality, on-time delivery and unbeatable prices. With such efforts, HYUNDAE has garnered a great share in lifting device markets. Our market share grows every year. We know we could not have achieved such success without tremendous support by all of our customers. We truly appreciate it.  

2011 was a landmark year for HYUNDAE PRECISION. During 2011, we have successfully innovated HYUNDAE PRECISION by upgrading the production facilities, the testing equipment and the quality systems. With such innovations, HYUNDAE PRECISION is confident in calling itself the strongest HOIST RING maker in the world. We could not have done it if not for our greatest core assets: our customers.  

Our customers frequently ask us why HYUNDAE PRECISION carries only one line of product: SAFETY ENGINEERED HOIST RING. It is because we only sell what we can make in our shop. Instead of outsourcing our products, we enjoy creating all of our products in-house. This has been our fundamental policy on making hoist rings and our core strength to make our customers to trust our products.  

Our journey to perfection still continues.  

Thank you very much.

From all your Hyundae people

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