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Why Hoist Ring?



1. Angular lifting & Safety Factor

Eyebolts significantly lose rated capabilities with angular lifting. The rated capabilities of eyebolts are reduced by 70% when lifting angle is from 1 to 45 degrees when vertical line is 0 degree. Over 45 degrees, eyebolts are not recommended or larger eyebolts should be used. Hoist rings are much less affected by lifting angles than eyebolts and have safety factor of 5. 

2. Alignment to the direction of pull

The plane of the eye does not easily aligned to the direction of pull when lifting angle is applied to the eyebolts installed on the load. To make the alignment right, washers or spacers are being used, but it is not easy to make the alignment right and consuming a lot of time. Furthermore if the plane of eye is not aligned to the direction of pull and load is applied, eyebolt could be bent or broken. However, Hoist Rings are self aligned to the direction of pull safely and easily. 

3. Thread size

Due to the significant reduction of rated capabilities when angular lifting is applied, eyebolt users should use larger eyebolts with larger thread diameters. The diameter of eyebolt is about twice larger than the diameter of hoist ring when lifting a same load with angular lifting. Therefore eyebolt users should use larger diameter drills and taps than hoist ring users when making a thread hole on the load.This is why we are making EB series hoist rings for eyebolt users. 

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