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Destructive tensile test report

Destructive tensile test report

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Test conditions

ㆍMachined and heat treated
ㆍPin for: 10,000 lbs (4.5 ton)
ㆍTotal # of specimen: 6 ea.
ㆍDiameter of specimen: 13 mm

The above graph and data are regarding tensile test results of six (6) 10,000 lbs (4.5 ton) shoulder pins. According to the results, average maximum load that one shoulder pins can hold is 20.3 ton. Safety factor ofone single pin for 10,000 LBS HOIST RING is about 4.5. Each hoist ring set uses 2 shoulder pins. Each HYUDNAE PRECISION’s HOIST RING guarantees the safety factor of more than 5. Destructive tensile strength test report will be available upon request.

The above graph shows the following 3 points as followings. 

1. Consistency of material and heat treatment quality
2. Consistency of stable yield & tensile strength
3. Safety factor guaranteed

Tensile test of a completely assembled hoist ring

 ㆍSpecimen: CFM2061 (Rated Load: 11 TON)
 ㆍA Shoulder Pin Broke at max load 73.2 ton

 Safety Factor
   = Max Load ÷ Rated Load 
   = 73,169.74 kgf ÷ 11,000 kg
   = 6.65

        * Safety factor of CFM2061 (11 ton) is 6.65.  

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